3 posts from month 10/2020

Let’s Talk Honeymoon

Hello Bride and Grooms! Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding! Let’s talk about Honeymoons! As you know 2020 was a rough year on travel, however we do have many, many countries that are opening up their borders or that will be re-opening their borders!  So Honeymooners in 2021 you will be in luck to visit some of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean or the Pacific!  Central American countries are re-opening their borders also! So if you wanted to scuba dive ...

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After any wedding, there is no shortage of discussion about cake! As a matter of fact, most wedding merchants will tell you: guests are likely to stay at least until they have tasted a slice for themselves. Wedding cake is a centerpiece, a tradition and anticipated treat. It is the silent guest that everyone secretly wants to get to know better. That is a lot to live up to! This grand dessert even has its own accessories: from a knife and server set (that will be a beloved household ...

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Creating Unforgettable Experiences with Simply Delicious

After your ceremony has commenced and you’ve officially become bride and groom, the celebratory meal at your reception is greatly looked forward to, not only by you and your new spouse, but by friends and family members who have traveled to join you in support of the start of a new chapter in life. For those tying the knot in Southwest Missouri, there are a number of catering options throughout the area who are experienced in exceptional service and outstanding food for the masses on ...

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