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Wedding Decorations: Renting vs. Buying

Oh my gosh! You’re engaged! Congrats!! So many options to keep track of. Do I want to go for a classic, elegant vibe with tons of cylinder vases, greenery, and candles? Oooo, but we love to travel, do we want our theme to incorporate that in? Go Chiefs! Red and gold, ALL the way! Wait, we’re getting married in October though, and we LOVE Halloween, should we go for a black, gothic vibe? Let’s face it. Wedding planning is hard, and trying to decide on a cohesive wedding theme/décor ...

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A Glimpse Into Holistic Health & Wellness

I want to introduce you to Xyngular.  We are a holistic health and wellness company with an emphasis on weight loss.  We turned 10 years old last December. After being in direct sales for 20 years and helping brides with their skin care and color needs, I decided to make a shift in my business and started helping both brides and grooms get healthier and thinner.  I feel it is so important for people to not only look good but feel amazing, and my products do just that!   I ...

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Top 5 Things You should Know About Planning A Wedding During a Global Pandemic

To all brides who had a wedding planned for this spring; I am sincerely sorry.  This is an unprecedented crisis, and we have all had to put our lives on hold, but most of us haven’t been planning the biggest day of our life during it! Now we have to postpone and start all over...are you kidding me?   Keep your heads up and think of it this way, you get more time to plan and make sure to get all the details exactly how you want them.  Remember, nobody blames you!   ...

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