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Rescheduling Your Wedding: The Checklist

Our hearts are heavy during this time as many couples in Southwest Missouri have made the tough decision to reschedule their wedding due to COVID-19. Please know, we are thinking of you and are here to support you as you navigate through this new territory. We are outlining a checklist of items for couples to work through in the following days.  Reach out to your wedding planner.Your wedding planner is well connected within the wedding industry and communicates with local profess...

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Adam + Dawn – Metropolitan Weddings Featured Photographer

At a young age, Dawn knew she wanted to be a photographer. Her mother would buy photography magazines for her and, as a child, Dawn set up a studio in her basement using a Star Wars blanket as a backdrop. When she started photographing her own children, people saw her talent and began asking her to photograph their families. Adam began his photography career a bit later in life. As he grew up he knew he was artistic, but could never pinpoint what outlet to unleash his talent on. One day ...

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You Don’t Take a Photograph, You Make It

In high school Shelby took some photography classes, and one day one of her teachers asked her to take some family photos. Shelby didn’t own a camera, but the teacher said he would pay her for the photos, so she jumped at the opportunity. At the beginning of her career, Shelby learned much of her talent by trial and error (“Mostly error,” she says). As she became more and more adept at photography, she started attending workshops and conferences to get even better. Photography ...

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