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The Purr-fect Nuptial

When your plus one is on four legs! COMFORT & CARE From dogs to donkeys to pot-bellied pigs; they all hold a special place in your heart and can have a spot in your special day, too! Four-legged friends are usually considered family and can make an outstanding addition to your wedding. They make great party animals, are consistent scene stealers during portraits, and provide some serious snuggle time to soothe pre-ceremony jitters. Groom them until they sparkle, dress them in ...

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Wedding Trends Hitting the Midwest

Wedding season is upon us and there may be a few trends you will start seeing.  One or more could be seen at some upcoming weddings and events.  Have you seen any of these yet?    Lauren Greenberg Photography Simplistic Elegance - You know the saying “Less is More” and that is definitely applying for weddings in the Midwest.  Brides are looking for ways to give that effortless look.  Not a lot of bright color but allowing more natural tones to steal the ...

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How to Choose the Best Vendors For Your Budget

I’m going to shock you. Yes, shock you! When you’re looking for a vendor within your budget DON’T start the conversation with “how much?” Shocked? Curious? Resonating with this like several of my friends on Instagram (friends who provided feedback on my Instagram stories, thank you!)? Keep reading. Yes, you definitely want to know your budget before you begin booking vendors (especially your venue), that is for certain. But when you meet with your vendors, choosing the ...

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