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It’s Go Time!

You said yes! You are now engaged and planning a wedding. Well that is exciting news! What does it mean to plan a wedding? Exactly where does one start? For some of you the dreaming started last year, for others childhood...but either way you are now ready to narrow those thoughts into one cohesive theme. It’s not all gown modeling and color palettes...you have budgets to set, calls to make, tastings to attend and seating t o assign. You are going to need some help! Assemble a team of ...

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Something To Smile About

WRITTEN BY  |  Nicole Chilton Your wedding day will go by as quick as a flash, and with the right professional photographer, the smiles you see in your pictures will reflect your memories for years to come. By doing proper research and setting a realistic budget, brides can focus on their big day instead of worrying about their photographer. “There are a lot of things brides don’t think about when it comes to choosing a photographer,” Dawn Shields, Metropolitan Bride publisher, ...

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Two Countries, One Love

WRITTEN BY  |  Paige Arnett PHOTOGRAPHED BY  |  SwiftShots Photography Graham and Riley Snyder first met in eighth grade when they were paired together for a school event and they continued to deepen their relationship as they got older. “We’ve known each other most of our lives, but we really started getting close in high school,” Riley says of husband Graham. Riley, who is the founder of nonprofit organization Generation Next, owner of thrift store Riley’s Treasures ...

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